Angus Jones, also known as Gypsy, is a former British law enforcement agent and current Explosives and Ordnance Specialist in Sentinel 1st (Company).


Angus was born in Brixton, London and attended public schools up until he graduated from college to join the London Police Force at the age of 18. He disliked working as a police officer, so he worked his way into the SCO19 as a technician and explosives expert. Angus' most notable task was the intervention of a terrorist attack of Harrods Department store in Knightsbridge, London on the 24th of December 2013. he and his team dismantled 4 timed explosives as well as apprehending 9 armed terrorists with no civilian losses.

Angus and his team's performance gained him many honours and recognition within the local Law Enforcement community as well as law enforcement communities overseas.

In 2015, the ENA recruited Angus to take on the role as an explosives technician for the multi-government funded defense program, established by the Earthen Military Command.

Angus showed a great sense of combat finesse as well as technical skill, granting him the opportunity to join Sentinel 1st (Company).



Angus Jones is a lean, muscular young man of average height. He has fair skin, stubble on his face, light blue eyes, and long parted black hair.

Angus usually wears his old SCO19 jacket with the Union Jack embroidered on the left sleeve. It also has the word 'POLICE' on the back of the jacket. Angus will often wear white or grey shirts and faded blue jeans.

Angus is always seen wearing his dogtags


Angus is a very sarcastic individual, but often times treats dire situations seriously. He favors self preservation over self-sacrifice.

Angus is a very friendly individual, especially toward those in his company. He is best friends with Sadiq, but is also good friends with Peter, Jay and Dirk.

Angus admires Jay, especially due to the fact that they are both very young in comparison to their squad mates.

Angus can at times have a stiff upper lip, typical for given where he comes from. He is resolute and sometimes unemotional in the face of adversity or even tragedy. In bigger group settings, he will often try to start a game of cards to raise the squad's morale.

Angus has a notable cockney accent, bordering on the lower-class 'Chav' type.


He is a technically minded individual with excellent riflemen attributes. He is quick and efficiency, especially under pressure, thanks to his training in the SCO19.


Angus loves playing card games such as Texas Hold 'em Up, poker, blackjack, snap, president and bullshit. always carries his cards with him where ever he goes.