Aralian Flag

The Head of Aralia has served as the primary crest of the Dominion since its inception.

The Aralian Dominion (Aralian: Arahlan Rekchukch) is a prominent galactic state and an emerging superpower within the galactic community that rules over 460 planets. The Dominion has been ruled under an authoritarian regime led by the founding political institution known as the Central Authority for over twelve hundred years.

The Aralian Dominion is ranked by the Orion Forum as having the third largest economy in the known galaxy and the fourth largest in terms of military power. The Dominion has used its location in the political center of the Orion Forum to establish the Dominion as one of the largest trading nations in the galaxy, with trade being a huge backbone of the Aralian economy. Despite this, many galactic civil rights groups have criticized the Dominion as an instigator of hate and far-right extremism.

The Dominion is ruled by an Inryria (roughly translated to chosen emperor in English) who has absolute power over the Aralian Dominion. The Inryria is chosen by the Central Authority to lead the nation. The current Inryria is Rylissiar, who has supported the increase of fanatical extremism within the Dominion.