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The Ascendants, also known as the Regnant were an ancient civilization that existed roughly one hundred thousand years prior to the formation of the Order, whose empire stretched across the Seven Galaxies and beyond. At some point their civilization ceased to exist, and all that was left behind was the Divine Cycle and the ability to master Magic, bound within the monolithic structure known as the Mantle.

The history of the Ascendants and their culture remain a mystery and have served as a basis of extensive study during the era of the Order. Most of the contemporary history about their civilization is found within a selection of Divine Texts which describe their ascension to the Fourth Dimension of time and space.

Very little of the Ascendant's physical empire remain and are scattered throughout the Seven Galaxies.


The term Ascendant stems from the Elysian term ascendēns, meaning somebody who ascends to a higher position. The Divine Texts refer to the Ascendants as the Regnant and traces of this name can be found at the Pillar of Triangula.