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“Leave my place of Sanctuary, for I will not allow you to violate this ceremony” — Brenka to Jay after being interrupted during a prayer.
Brenka, also known as Brenka the Rider or simply as The Rider, is an Occult Ranger who was a monk for the Cjarvell Monk Monastery. Brenka is an ex soldier of the Kothla-mada Royal Army. He was trained by Powersurge to fight the Apocalyptar after his recruitment to the Energis Coalition.


Brenka was born on the planet Colleda IV raised in a temple with an extremely religious household. In his teenage years, he trained extensively to become a soldier for the Kothla-Mada Royal Army. After extensive training, he became a formidable member of the army and eventually a special forces agent.

Brenka was formally called to arms during the Union Strike of Powernia, picking off Brykster troops and strikers. As the war escalated, Brenka continued fighting till he was recruited by Powersurge, who saw him as a splendid fighter and disciplined soldier. Powersurge took him under his wing, training him the power of Situlis magic, which is his current choice of magic.

During Jay Freeman's search for The Crystal of Power, Jay interrupted Brenka during a prayer, effectively annoying Brenka intensely. Brenka and Jay fought hand to hand combat, however Jay only managed to land at least one or two hits. Jay finally pulled out a gun, demanding an answer. Brenka made a wager that if Jay could defeat Brenka, he would reveal where the Crystal of Power was located. If Jay were to lose, he was to leave his sanctuary. They fought, resulting in Jay pointing his Katana at Brenka's face. Brenka thus admits defeat and stays true to his word. Brenka not knowing exactly where the Crystal of power was located, still gives Jay a clue to look for a powerful mage with dark magic powers. Jay leaves and Brenka goes back to his solitude.

Not much else is known about him from that point on, but some speculate that he fought the Apocolyptar and had survived.


Brenka is a tall, lean, Varuvian male. He has Dark Green skin, silver hair and black eyes. His hair is fashioned like a mohawk that is partially spiked up. Brenka has long, pointed ears, in which a stud and a ring are pieced into. On the right side of his face is a small piece of metal holding a piece of his skull in place. Half of Brenka's face is usually covered by a thick mound of orange fabric, which is wrapped diagonally to his torso as well as horizontally, acting as a sort of belt. On Brenka's right shoulder is a piece of armor plating with bones making up a majority of the framing. Brenka is wearing a long sleeve yellow shirt with baggy sleeves that are pulled above the elbows. Wrapped around his torso is a layer of black leather and black fabric. Lower down is a piece of black fabric is draped down the pelvic area. He has loose fitting yellow pants which go down to his knees. The pants leggings are held up by black fabric wrapped around the shins down to his feet. On his feet, he is wearing a pair of black leather shoes.


Brenka is very disciplined, but easy to anger. He will often challenge those who question his ideals in debate or physical confrontation, which he doesn't mind either of. He often has a very calm demeanor and speaks with a relatively gruff, deep voice. He will often levitate and pray as a form of relaxation.

During battle, he has a very sporadic, aggressive attitude, nevertheless he reflects it in his fighting style.


Brenka has learnt a number of different martial art techniques as well as the Blood Scythe technique, which is the technique of using said weapon. It is an extremely difficult weapon to handle, which makes him a unique Occult ranger.

Brenka is a Situlis Mage (more like a monk), in which he has the power to levitate as well as glide short distances. He uses this levitation technique in conjunction with the spinning of the Blood Scythe to create a propeller type effect to move around faster. Brenka can fight in hand to hand combat with a large degree of skill. He may not cause enough damage, however he can take down opponents with a few well placed moves. It is notable that he can reach extreme speeds while using his Blood Scythe, which can be very deadly.

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