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The Bryckster Faction, commonly referred to as the Bryckos is a galactic nation-state made up primarily of autonomous machines governed by a clique of former revolutionaries from Renasol. It is seperated from the Energis Coalition (and the entire galaxy) by a strip of violent war-torn space known as the Synthetic Curtain.

The Faction began life as a political group opposed to the social decay happening on the Genui homeworld of Renasol. The group's rapid growth culminated in the violent Bryckos Revolution, which overthrew the Renasi government, further destabilising the Galactic East. The newly formed Bryckster Faction initially pledged allegiance to Powersurge and the Energis Coalition.

On Powersurge's behest, Bryckster forces carried out the Energis Invasion of Colleda and subsequent Blue Walls of Powernia incident. Though a great success, the Bryckster Faction's loyalty to the Coalition waned heavily as its leadership became thirsty for blood. The Brycksters turned against the Energis in the Renasol Instigation, leading to the onset of the Fighting War. After a hundred years of warfare, heavy crippling defeats saw the expulsion of the Brycksters into the Galactic Far-East where they now reside, isolated from the galaxy.

In modern times, the Brycksters are a house-hold name in the Energis Coalition worlds and are a source of great mystery. Attempts at post-war diplomacy have ended in failure. It is seen as an antagonist by the rest of the galaxy.


The Bryckster Faction has no government or political system of any kind. Instead, the command chain is a pyramid with the Bryckster King at the top. Beneath him are the infamous Warlords who take control of the Bryckster's military forces and act upon orders given to them from the King.


Bryckster military forces are dictated through the use of a hypernetwork known as BRYCOM. Believed to be the largest of its kind, BRYCOM can send up to 500 million pentabytes every second, sending orders to every single Bryckster unit on the battlefield. Attempts by intelligence analysts to penetrate this network have ended in failure due to the presence of a highly sophisticated defense artificial intelligence who refers to itself as LEONIDAS.


It is unknown where the Brycksters originate from and who their creators are. The generally accepted theory is that the Brycksters were created by an intelligent civilisation that preceded the current galactic community and that the Brycksters themselves are the reason behind that civilization's demise.

The Brycksters already had an established civilisation by 1200 CE where they actively enacted genocide upon unrecognised species and civilizations as a means of expanding the Bryckster's empire. Although the Faction did clash with various Orion species they were generally left alone as synthetic civilizations were not considered active members of the galactic community. This led to an economic block on all Bryckster-made goods including iron, steel and bionic parts, most of which were mined by slaves that were captured during the many Bryckster genocides. This eventually led to the Brycksters selling their goods through underground channels such as the galactic black market. By 1500 CE the Brycksters had come to dominate the black market underworld surviving through countless clamp downs by Orion member nations.

By 1600 CE the Brycksters began using highly aggressive and expansionist strategies against their rivals and opponents leading to the passing of legislation within the Orion Forum that would finally recognise robotic civilisations as a real and thriving nation.

Modern Galactic Era

At the beginning of the Modern Galactic Era (1789 CE) the Bryckster Faction had grown to become a very powerful and industrious galactic nation with a large industrial economy almost no longer reliant on slaves and a massive military force. Fears of war against the Orion Forum increased and war was believed to be imminent. In 1793, an Energis Coalition warship came under attack by Bryckster forces. Angered, the Energis Coalition threatened war. A few days later the Brycksters launched their grand offensive aimed at conquering the galaxy. The Fighting War had begun.

The Brycksters saw great victory in the first half of the war, conquering large swathes of territory and star systems from Orion member nations.