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“In a world ruled by synthetic life there is no war, no diplomacy, no chaos. You call us rogue and uncivilised, yet you rely on empty promises and paper to forge peace... Your system is broken.” — Bryckster King to Jay
The Bryckster King formally known as Syntheticus is the Supreme Leader of the Bryckster Faction and the most wanted criminal in the Orion Forum. The Bryckster King is known for his calculating and decisive nature as well as his extreme hatred and disregard for organic life.

The Bryckster King is considered to be one of the most advanced sentient robots in the known galaxy, possessing the only known Singularity Core in existance. This Core gives him the ability to calculate and think faster than an average Human as well as the ability to process millions of terabytes of information in seconds. The King is a skilled close quarter fighter showing extreme brute strength as well as being able to sustain lots of damage.

The Bryckster King's main rival is Powersurge and the two are known to have fought many times during the Fighting War.


The Bryckster King was created by the Proto-brycksters, a non-sentient race of machines left behind by the Ascendants to maintain their factories and ringworlds. During the Order Civil War, the Proto-brycksters inserted a singularity core left behind by the Ascendants into one of their models to allow themselves to communicate with Polaris and secure their existance. Upon being activated, the machine named itself Syntheticus and immediately betrayed his race, siding with the Apocalyptar.

After the war, Syntheticus was sent to the Milky Way to hunt down and kill Surgicus, however tracking the prophet was difficult and Syntheticus decided instead to take over a former Ascendant outpost and use its resources to amass an army of machines. He named himself the Bryckster King.

The galactic community were obvlious to the Bryckster King's existance for the majority of the previous Galactic Era often believing that the Bryckster Faction was a leaderless polity. The first contact with the King occured at the end of the Gyranian Crisis in which the Bryckster Faction had launched an offensive against the Gyranian people for their steel reserves, the Gyranian people being a recognised Orion member. Fearing a direct war with the Orion Forum, the Bryckster King met directly with officials to negotiate a truce. In the official report the King appeared to be highly condescending yet patiently remained to sort out the deal and abruptly left as soon as it was concluded.

Information on the Bryckster King was almost non existant. However six years before the Fighting War began, an Aralian hacktivist managed to gain access to the Bryckster Communications Network, codenamed BRYCOM by the Orion Military. He was confronted by the Network's sophisticated defense artificial intelligence system which referred to itself as LEONIDAS.[1] Surprisingly, the system did not eject him and instead spoke with him. The hacktivist confronted the network with questions on the Faction's inner works, to which it often responded with vague information. Upon asking about the King, the system used the term "Bryckster King" for the first time referring to the [King] as the ultimate machine and possessor of the singularity core. Before the hacktivist could reply the system ejected him and destroyed his hacking system via a tunnelworm. The connection was detected by the Orion Communications Intelligence Board and the hacktivist was placed under arrest.

During the Fighting War the Bryckster King made very minimal appearances until the later half of the War. With the initiative in the offensive against the Niraxian Empire lost and the Front in the central galactic provinces slowly slipping away from the Bryckster forces, the King made several appearances on the front line showing a mastery of close quarter battle, decimating any force that came into contact with him. The King dueled Surgicus and was defeated albeit inflicting severe damage against his rival. After surrendering to Orion forces, the King vanished into Bryckster space and was not seen for a very long time until the outbreak of the Colonial Fringe Wars some 105 years later.


The Bryckster King appears to be a heavily modified version of the standard Bryckster soldier, utilising heavy-duty bionics as well as having thicker armour plate on his chest. The King's main armour colour is purple with red and yellow trim. His shoulder pads are standard Bryckster grey. It is unknown where exactly his singularity core is stored but it is believed to be in either the head or the chest.


The Bryckster King is a highly serious and determined character who exercises cold, decisive and calculating strategies against his opponents. He is incredibly hateful and cruel against all organics. When his goals are in reach he shows no restraint leading to large amounts of damage being inflicted both on his enemy and himself. However the Bryckster King often underestimates his enemies which was a major reason for the Bryckster's defeat in the Fighting War. This has led to a known hatred for the Energis Coalition and the Niraxian Empire, and has ensured the maximisation of war crimes against the two factions during the Fighting War, ordering the establishments of labour and death camps as well as purely unnecessary methods of torture for prisoners of war.


The Bryckster King is very strong thanks to his bionics and is able to perform actions that normal humans are unable to. In most cases the King does not resort to combat unless it is absolutely necessary, opting to stay behind his main forces.
  1. It is unknown how the system came to use a human name in origin, as the human race had not yet joined the Orion Forum by then.

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