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Bryckster Storm, unofficially abreviated to B.S is an upcoming novel due to release in [REDACTED]. It is the first of five novels that make up the Descendant of the Prophet series.

The events of Bryckster Storm is slightly based on that of the first version of Bryckster Storm (originally named Brickster Storm.) The story's protagonist, Jarod Freeman and his best friend Nikriontra Sydona fight the evil and rogue Bryckster Faction as it launches an all-out campaign to enslave the galaxy.

In January 2017 to commemorate 10 years of Wildguys, a revised version of the original Brickster Storm comic was released. It fixed otherwise strange dialogue between characters and updated the plot to Gen V standards, despite retaining some of its outdated Generation IV plot.


There have been several iterations of a Bryckster Storm remake since the establishment of Generation V. Most of which have been developed by Nik Shcheglov and stalled due to stagnancy.

In early 2015, N Shcheglov and J Francis decided to work on the story together. The book was originally meant to be published in December, 2015 but was pushed back. The current estimated release date is Early 2017.

As of December 2016, 20 of the novel's 31 chapters are completed, with 109 pages written.


In an age of galactic strife, a rogue nation of robots known as the Bryckster Faction launch their grand assault. Their mission; to wipe out all organic life as we know it.. It's up to 18 year old Jay Freeman and his alien friend Nik to stop them.

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