Cloak and Dagger Date or simply abbreviated CaDD is a short story written by J Francis and N Shcheglov. The story stars Jay and Lucy as its main characters as well as side characters Ralph and Nik. The main antagonist of the story is a Karosmyr agent by the name of Armitage, who is to stop any inappropriate interactions between Jay and Lucy, who had planned a date in the city of Niraxus 7.

The novel is infact a collection of four small chapters originally started as a collaboration between J Francis and N Shcheglov.

A Cloak And Dagger Date is succeeded by Silent Dreams, the second installment in the Vanguard series.


Set in the City of Auckland, Jay wakes up from his bed in his apartment and is bored out of his mind. He begins talking to his girlfriend Lucy on ChitChat. He offers to go on a date with her which she humbly agrees, but she warns that someone may be watching them. Oblivious to this fact, Armitage, a Karosmyr spies on their string of messages and flies to earth to keep his eye on Jay. Jay boards an Earth Airs shuttle to Niraxus 7 and is later confronted upon arriving. Armitage lets Jay off with a warning which Jay seriously considers. Convinced the date must go on, he makes it to the rendevouz point him and Lucy agreed to. Jay is confronted once more by Armitage, but is saved by Lucy. Jay threatens to have the king behead him, which scares him off.


CaDD originated from a short story written by J Francis (which serves as the first chapter.) Seeing it to have potential, he offered N Shcheglov (who was on holiday in Japan at the time) to write a second chapter to continue the plot. N Shcheglov wrote the second chapter, known as A Cat And Mouse. J Francis wrote Chapter 3 (A Food For Thought) shortly after.

After the creation of the Vanguard Story Arc, CaDD became the series' first installment (despite it originally not being affiliated with the arc.) N Shcheglov wrote the fourth and final chapter, edited and adapted the four chapters, compiling them into the current version of the novel.