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Descendant of the Prophet, commonly abbreviated to DotP is a novel series comprised of five books. It serves as the main series within the Wildguys Universe.

Descendant of the Prophet is set in the eyes of Jarod Freeman, a young human soldier who discovers that he is the son of a once mighty galactic mage and must come to terms with his own powers while finding a way to stop a powerful demon named Polaris from destroying the Milky Way.

Descendant of the Prophet is the successor to the Seven United series, which served as Generation IV's primary story.


Descendant of the Prophet takes place over five novels:

  1. Bryckster Storm
  2. Crystal of Power
  3. Dark Ridge
  4. Rise
  5. Divine Pass

In Bryckster Storm, Jarod Freeman is a soldier in Sentinel Company who is sent to fight in the Colonial Fringe Wars, a sudden attack initiated by a rogue race of machines known as the Brycksters.


The DotP series has been in active development since the initiation of Generation V. It has seen many changes and additions, and the series is always expanding. The first novel Bryckster Storm is nearing completion and is expected to be released in early 2017.

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