Dyson spheres are superstructures built around stars to harness all their raw energy. Most of the Dyson Spheres across the univers were constructed by The Order. They built these super structures to power their Portals which were powerful and consumed large amounts of energy.


When The Order constructed these Dyson spheres, they primarily functioned as independent modular power sources that are not only powering the portals, but also orbiting cities. These cities were called ‘Solar States’. The derogatory term for these cities were 'Dusters'. This was due to their loose orbit as well as their attachment to the Dyson Sphere via lengthy carbon-steel cables. The energy was extracted from varying stars sizes. Many were newly born stars that would not see a collapse in the next two or three aeons. Most of these dyson spheres were taken off the power grid following The Battle of Elysia and were highly damaged due to lack of maintenance and/or meteor collisions. Dyson spheres are largely immune to solar flares, despite thousands of years of these solar flares. Some however have experienced massive damage to their structures.


Most of the Dyson spheres had interesting logos painted on the outside of the structure, often times just variants of The Order’s logo having a giant Dyson sphere with the Order logos on it and it had mini substations in orbit with cities. Each Dyson Sphere had unique designs from Flash, Tribal, artistic, industrial, luxury and so on.


‘Planetfolk’ oftentimes despised the richer members of society and believed that their planets produced all the resources which these Dyson Spheres consumed.

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