The Energis Coalition formerly known as Powernia is a confederate government made up of 30 individual sovereign states throughout the Known Galaxy. The majority of its populace being Genui, it is an economic, military and diplomatic superpower, the strongest Genui-led civilization in the galaxy and is one of the three galactic superpowers alongside the Niraxian Empire and Bryckster Faction.

Founded by Surgicus Freeman following the First Galactic War, the Energis Coalition went through several iterations and civil wars. Its participation in the Fighting War has made it a superpower and a strong military power.

The Energis Coalition is active in galactic politics and remains a strong trade power, holding strong influence in the trading sectors of the galaxy.

The backbone of the Energis economy relies on mining raw materials, farming and open trade with neighboring planets and coalition members. It shares a bitter trade rivalry with the Niraxian Empire, constantly competing in various industries from mining to technology exports.