Wildguys Generation Four, more commonly known as Gen IV was the fourth iteration of the Wildguys Universe. Beginning in 2011, Generation IV was established as part of a revival of the series following Generation III's end in 2008.

Unlike previous generations, Gen IV follows the adventures of Nikriontra Sydona and Jarod Freeman through a series of five planned novels known as the Seven United series. Throughout its existence, only two novels have been published, while the companion video game Cold Dream was scrapped due to development issues.

Gen IV saw a shift in story and character development, largely straying away from the childish plots of Gen III and evolving darker more mature themes which would be expanded upon in Generation V.


Brickster Storm

Set in 2014, Brickster Storm follows Jay as he comes to terms with the death of his best friend Nik while fighting the Brickster Empire as they launch a grand genocide against humanity. With the coordinates to the Brickster's feared bio superweapon locked deep within the confines of his mind, Jay has to navigate his way through war and hell in order to save his people. Brickster Storm is the first in the Seven United series and was published in June 2011.

Crystal of Power

Following the events of Brickster Storm, Jay, now a hero, attempts to live his life without Nik. After Lucy, his girlfriend, is kidnapped by his rogue mysterious brother Jeremy Freeman, Jay is forced to relive hell as he plunges headfirst into a world of heated politics and the beginning of a cold war between Powernia and the Niraxian Empire. Crystal of Power is the second novel in the Seven United series and was published in 2012.

Cold Dream

Being a companion game to Brickster Storm, Cold Dream was one of the fundemental pillars of Generation IV. It was planned that one of the WG creators would write Brickster Storm while the other would develop a video game based on the events of the main novel series. Cold Dream itself is a technical demo which shows the events leading up to Jay meeting Nik (in the original Gen 3 way.) Cold Dream was scrapped in 2013 due to development issues.

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