Wildguys Generation Five, shortened to Gen V is the current and final generation of the Wildguys Universe. Being a refined version of Generation IV, Gen V's stories revolve around Nikriontra Sydona and Jarod Freeman going on adventures and fighting powerful villains.

Gen V was established in 2014, carrying over many of the themes and central story elements from Gen IV.

Generation V has been heavily expanded and grown, seeing the addition of the concept of Magic to the WG universe as well as a wide array of new villlains, organisations as well as new and revived story arcs. Characters from previous Generations that have been scrapped have made their comeback, including Ralph Vallas and the Lizards.


Descendant of the Prophet

DotP is the main body of Gen V and tells the story of Jarod Freeman as he comes to terms with being the son of a once mighty mage who ruled the galaxy hundreds of thousands of years ago. While trying to save the galaxy from itself, he must also stop an evil destructive demon known as Polaris from consuming the galaxy. There are five planned novels in this series, with the first one currently in production.

Vanguard Story Arc

Consisting of three books, Vanguard is the largest non-primary series in WG. It tells the story of how Jarod Freeman and Lucy struggle to maintain their friendship as the Niraxian secret police constantly hunts them down. It ends with the symbolic novel Vanguard which takes place on a cruise.

Notable Characters

Main Characters

Side characters


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