Gen V

The Genui are a race of upright bipedal homonids spread out across various worlds in the Milky Way galaxy. Descending from the powerful but dwindling Elysian race, the Genui are among the most widespread and established races in the Orion Forum, who are active in the politics of the galaxy.

The Genui race originate primarily from the former Twelve Colonies of Elysia, now part of the Energis Coalition. This has allowed twelve distinct sub-branches of Genui to form, each with their own cultures and languages which differ but are deeply linked. A branch of the Genui known as humans reside on Earth. In modern times, Genui are spread out across many worlds with their own branches of language and culture.


The name Genui stems from the ancient Elysian word of Genus meaning descendant. However the twelve distinct sub-branches of the Genui refer to themselves differently.

Genui from Earth refer to themselves as humans, or homo sapiens as their scientific term.

Biology and appearance

Modern Genui are upright bipedal humanoid figures with two arms and two legs. Their bodies are covered in skin (the colour of which defers from sub-race to sub-race.) Genui are not particularly strong in comparison to other races and instead rely on technological assistance to aid them in combat, construction and other fields.

Comparison to Elysians

The Genui differ physically from their Elysian ancestors. Elysians had pale skin, black hair (which was a dominant trait in Elysians) and a fair complexion. and did not enjoy the same natural diversity in physical traits as the Genui do. Despite this, the Genui retain the unique magical competency that made the Elysians a powerful race to begin with.


Genui society differs from planet to planet. On Earth, the Genui have embraced a philosophy of freedom, peace and justice, with their society governed by an organised state known as a federal republic. The Earthen Genui are among the most diverse of the thirteen sub-races.


Earthen Genui

A highly diverse sub-race that originate from Earth. The Earthen Genui are a proud race with a proud military tradition and virtues based on justice, order and peace. Latin is the closest language (lingually) to ancient Elysian, and its lingual descendant English also shares similarities to ancient Elysian.

Eaggoranoid Genui

Hailing from the colony of Eaggoran, Eaggoranoid society has continued to benefit from the use of magic, despite constant crusades by progressive states on the planet. Eaggoranoids are known for their unique natural hair colours, which can range from purple to blue to green. Many Eaggoranoids live on farms while the planet's minority urbanised population are highly eccentric.


The Genui are descendants of a race who hail from the planet of Elysia. During the years of the Order, the Elysians were among the proudest and noblest of the Order's races.

Following the conquest of the Milky Way, Elysia sent colonists to begin constructing infrastructure and developing the Milky Way. The colonists formed thirteen unique colonies around a small cluster of stars within the orion arm of the galaxy.

Following the fall of the Order, the thirteen colonies banded together and formed the Confederation of Genui Planets, a union in which the thirteen planets were bound together by a federal structure. Along with the Skorge Continuum and the Yiodhar Guardians, the Colonies helped form the Orion Forum and brokered in peace to a troubled galaxy.

However the peace was shortlived and the Colonies fell into civil war, ultimately resulting in the destruction of the thirteenth colony. The civil war had depleted the confederation's military strength, paving way for the Yiodhar to attack. The resulting war became known as The Fall and led to the deaths of approximately 1.5 billion people of all races. It ended with the complete destruction of the Yiodhar.

After the war, the Terran government collapsed and the twelve remaining colonies spread outwards, forming their own governments and cultures.

The Energis Coalition

After several thousand years, the twelve colonies were later reunited by Powersurge and formed the backbone of the Energis Coalition.

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