“But you, Jarod Freeman. You have luck on your side.” — Nik [1]

Jarod Mark Freeman commonly known as Jay, is a human soldier, the son of deposed galactic ruler Surgicus and the Great One as prophesised by the Divine Cycle. He is binded to the spirit Echelon, who acts as his protector and clairvoyant in times of struggle.

Growing up in New Zealand, Jay was raised alongside his twin brother Jeremy and older sister Kimberly. Following their father's disappearance and his brother's kidnapping, Jay suffered from PTSD and battled depression throughout his late childhood and early teens. After meeting Nikriontra Sydona, Jay joined the Earthen Army and was later moved to the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance under Sentinel Company.

Jay was the first human to make contact with an alien race. His friendship with Nikriontra Sydona led to the formation of the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance and the rise of the United Earth Republic as a galactic power.


Jay Freeman was born on May 5 1998 to "Marcus" Freeman and Destiny Freeman. He was born alongside his twin brother Jeremy. They grew up in Auckland, New Zealand with their rebellious older sister, Kimberly Freeman. Their family lived in a relatively peaceful middle class setting, funded primarily by their father while Destiny worked as a housewife. One morning in 2001, Markus vanished without explanation. A national manhunt ensued, fearing that he was kidnapped but no trace of him was found.

Following their father's disappearance, Destiny Freeman worked hard to provide for her family, despite her financial instability. Jay attended Canoe Cove Primary with Ralph, Luke, Jeremy and Lachlan. Jay took part in many extra curricular subjects such as karate, athletics, drama and a science club with Jeremy.

Sometime in 2004, Jeremy Freeman was kidnapped, bringing the Freeman family into the national spotlight due to the mysterious events surrounding the case. The kidnapping had a lasting severe effect on Jay, who was diagnosed with PTSD and depression following the incident. He continued his education regardless.

Sometime in 2012, Jay was unknowingly selected by Nikriontra Sydona to perform mental experimentation as part of the Niraxian Imperial Assimilation Directive. During so, the two became embroiled in a fist fight. Jarod's unexpected furiosity took Nik by surprise, who sustained a nose injury. Upon seeing Nik's blue blood, Jarod backed off. His interest in Nik led to the start of a long and prosperous friendship.



Jay is a lean, muscular young man of average height with a slightly tanned skin tone, green eyes and spiky light-brown hair. Jay usually spikes the top of his hair, as well the sides. His hair also covers his ears.The front part of his hair is spiked to the side. Jay has a pointed nose and a sharp jawline. It is notable that Jay has a mischievous expression on his face, which has become his signature appearance among his peers.

Most times, Jay is known to wear casual clothing as well as a white and orange ENA jacket. Jay will usually wear a red sweater, black jeans and canvas shoes.

When Jay in on a mission he will usually wear the standard ENA military attire with his own addition of features. Depending on his environment; forest, desert, arctic, etc, Jay wears the appropriate camouflage to blend into his environment. Jay rolls the sleeves up and wraps his forearms in a layer of fabric. he also wears fingerless leather gloves on both hands. On his feet are a pair of military boots that go past his angles. he wears long, baggy pants which are held up by a black leather belt. on the side of his belt is a samurai sword which he stole from a 'Ninjabot' during the Colonial Fringe Wars. Jay wears a red scarf around his neck and on his knees are a pair of knee guards.

Later on when Jay is to use his Potentia powers, Carmen, Jeremy and Arasus make him a coat that holds a large amount of energy and magic power which looks a lot different to his current attire.


Jay is a humorous, positive, competitive, brave, encouraging and morally good young man. Jay can often make his crew laugh intentionally and unintentionally. He usually always has a wise-crack up his sleeve and uses it when ever he gets the opportunity. He is sometimes known to be cocky, but usually ends badly for him. Jay is often a very postitive person, always looking at the bright side of things, which Nik and Arasus admire most about him. Jay is known to be the competitive type, always making bets and finding the opportunity to best someone. Most times he never comes out victorious. If he is victorious however, its mostly to do with luck. It is said that Jay is actually very brave at times, often taking the initiative and always going head first into any dangerous situation. Jay can be a very encouraging person, if he sees that someone is down, he will always help them to feel better and provide support. This is a trait that he got from his mother, Destiny. Jay often tries his best to make the right decisions, even if it means losing for him. he is not always ready to give up his pride for something, but if it makes a significant difference, he would be willing to do so.

Jay personally can be be lost, grievous, aggressive and very introverted. Jay is sometimes known to be a bit lost in himself, often questioning himself and doubting himself and his identity. Jay doesnt handle grief very well, as he can become impulsively aggressive and angry. When Jay is around people for too long, he will often dissociate himself to be alone, even at odd times. If he is around people for too long he may sometimes become physically ill or exhausted.

Jarod being promoted to Private First Class by Nikriontra in 2017.

In terms of intellect, Jay is generally a very rounded person. He can be studious; always picking up new things and analyzing it, often thinking more than skin deep. Jay often reflects on things for a very long time, and tries to figure out why things are the way they are. Jay never draws conclusions till he believes he has seen enough to know something. He can be the jack of all trades, able to do many tasks but not always be a master of sorts. Jay is a strategist in most walks of life such as school and fighting. He is also an avid problem solver, hence why he reflects on thing for long periods of time. Jay often never shares his intellect, as he prefers to ask questions more than educating, as he is more of the inquisitive type.

Jay is known for becoming bored very easily, sometimes spouting the lines "I'm bored" or "This is boring". He can become bored playing video games, watching movies, reading a book or sleeping. Jay is an extremely adventurous person who loves to see new places and people.

Jay is unfortunately awkward around women, especially the female crew members in Sentinel 7


Jay is quick on his feet, agile and very focused. He is very proficient in parkour and close quarter combat. He is not known for being too accurate with rifles, so instead he opts for a shotgun and a Mac-11 fully automatic (silenced) pistol. Jay is able to take on multiple enemies by wielding two pistols and performing a pseudo Gunfu type fighting style. Jay is able to reload guns extremely fast and with style.

Jay Freeman is said to be 'The Pure one' which is pointed out by Elysiar who bestows Jay 'The Century Blade'. According to an English translation of 'The Divine Cycle' (A book on prophecy) It mentions that a Prophet at the end of their era was to pass on their power and purity to a newborn. This pure one was to defend it's own era from inevitable extinction. The Pure one being Jay is constantly debunked by Jay as he says "The pure one is certainly not a kid from New Zealand". When Carmen and Arasus stress his title of being the pure one, Jay says "Anyone could be the Pure One...It could even be Grumpy!".

Jay later on learns all the magic abilities of Potentia in which he uses in conjunction with his sword 'The Century Blade'. He is powerful enough to take on the likes of Arasus and Carmen.


Jay has a range of interests such as playing video-games, reading comics and manga, browsing social media and travelling. As Jay is an outgoing character, he loves to share his interests with his best friend, Nik.


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