Jarod, more commonly known as Jay is a primary protagonist alongside his alien bestfriend Nik. Together, they go on many adventures throughout the galaxy, battling the forces of the Brickster King and Powersurge.

Jay is a curious and inquisitive character, whose comedic and naive personality has often gotten him in trouble.


Jay's history comes from his adventures during Gen I and Gen II.


In most comics, Jay is pictured as having brown spiked up hair, a tshirt and shorts. His appearance does not change much throughout Generation III, although in some comics the design on his shirt changes every page.


Jay is described as an inquisitive character, always exploring the world around him. He takes great interest in the machinations of Nik and Techno, even when he doesn't fully understand their operation. He is also known for being comedic, often cracking jokes in the face of great danger or peril. He is often naive, especially around alien technology and enemies. Despite this, he is determined and often times showing bravery. He also displays a steady nerve, often having to calm Nik down in certain tense situations. He is respectful towards his friends and is a teamplayer.


Although lacking the intelligence and sophistication of Nik, Jay is a skilled shooter and fighter, using powerful weapons such as Candy Makers with ease. He is also a teamplayer, teaming up with Nik to perform daring maneouvres and tactics against a superior enemy.