Jarod Marcus Freeman is a soldier fighting in the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance alongside his best friend Nik. He serves as the protaganist and central character of Generation IV.

Jay appears as the main character of Brickster Storm and Crystal of Power and is a playable character in the Cold Dream video game.


Jay Freeman was born in Auckland, New Zealand on planet Earth in 1998. His mother is Destiny Freeman and his stepfather Mark raised him alongside his twin brother Jeremy and older sister Kimberly.

At the age of 7, Jay's brother Jeremy was kidnapped by unknown assailants from an uncharted province of the Milky-Way galaxy. Jay was traumatized to a great extent by his brother's kidnapping that it gave him PTSD. Upon discovering Nik however, he was found to be hastily recovering.

In Bryckster Storm, Jarod Freeman along with his friend Nik were assigned to stopping the Brykster King's super weapon; X5 Nova. Earth and Niraxian forces defended Earth and her colonies from the impeding threat of mass genocide. He struggles to cope with the death of his best friend Nikriontra Sydona, who dies in Brickster Storm. Thankfully Jay destroys the Brickster King, as well as the catalyst holding the X5-Nova liquid.

An unspecified number of months later, the events of Crystal of power takes place. Jay finally finds his twin brother who had turned evil after being kidnapped years before. At the end of Crystal of Power however, Jeremy manages to escape prosecution, as a result of Jay finding his girlfriend Lucy and finding out that Nik was still alive.


Jay is a lean, average height, young man. he has spikey brown hair, tanned skin and green eyes.

Jay will often wear a red T-shirt, black shorts, white high-top shoes and sometimes a jumpsuit when in the Veridect.


Jay has a keen sense of humor and is generally likeable. He best known for his relaxed and charming character and nature. Jay can be very rational in combat situations as he conditions himself to much safer approaches than confrontation.


Jay is trained in Martial arts and sword fighting styles. He is skilled at using a Katana as well as the use of assault rifles.