The League of Diabolus is an organisation made up of former Occult Rangers and Magicers who opposed the reign of Surgicus and rejected the principles of the Order. The group is affiliated with and indirectly led by Polaris.

The League is made of multiple militaristic subgroups who aim to conquer the known Galaxy and put an end to Jay, the prophesied Great One.

There are various hierarchical groups based on their authority bestowed by Polaris.


The League of Diabolus was created by Polaris following the Great Battle of the Elysian Fields, which marked the complete demise of the Order. Having gathered a following, Polaris created several subgroups with each one having their own tasks to perform. The League's ultimate goal is to destroy the Quantum Gate trapping Polaris inside Andromeda and to defeat Jarod Freeman, who is the Great One and the only person capable of stopping Polaris.

The Soul Wreaver became Polaris' second in command, solely due to his fierce loyalty and his ability of communicating over massive distances. Due to the efficiency of the group, Polaris has stepped back, only observing and ensuring the League performs as intended.


Inner Circle

The Inner circle is the highest authority of the League, containing the most powerful Occult Rangers and Dark Magic users. The Circle's members each serve unique roles.


  • Demeteron
  • Szabo
  • Solando The Gargantua
  • Chemos
  • Axulom

Pillar of Darkness

  • Vandoch Of The Storm
  • Chantav
  • Fultum
  • Zkal
  • Galandus The Thorn
  • Tomibel
  • Tantra Lavae



Bryckster Faction