Lennon Burnish also known as Vigil is a former CIA Agent who trained Libyan Rebels during the Libyan Civil War of 2011. Lennon was a spy for the CIA for 26 years who received training from world class tactical experts and collaborated with the administrative side of the ENA and the EMC.

Lennon was transferred from Libya in 2017 to join Sentinel Company One as a Tactician and Tactical trainer. Lennon does however engage in combat during the Colonial Fringe Wars.

Lennon was to take on Artor Kozlov's role once he retired, thus undergoing an apprenticeship during the Colonial Fringe War.


Born in New Jersey, USA, Lennon was raised by his Aunt and Uncle due to the constant absense of his father, who worked for the CIA and the fact that his mother died giving birth to him. He became really popular in high school, joining many extra ciricular clubs as well as becoming a prefect. At an early age, his leadership skills began to develop.

Once Lennon graduated from College, his father inducted him into the CIA and trained him in administration as well as combat. Lennon took part in spy work, in which he gained an extensive knowledge on strategy and tactical planning, which landed him a mission in 2011, which was the Libyan Civil War, where he trained Rebels and funded equipment and weaponary to be used against the oppressive governing body.

When the war ended in 2014, Lennon returned to the US to be debriefed and receive his honours. Soon after, he resigned from the CIA and moved to Egypt where he built his own house.

That same year, The ENA recruited him to work in administration. He humbly accepted and was placed in Sentinel Company One to take over from Artor Kozlov, who is the current admin.



Lennon is a middle aged man of average stature and physique. He has has medium length brown hair which is combed back, a round face and black eyes.

He will often wear a blue sweater, a button up shirt and Khaki pants.


Lennon is a very relaxed, but not entirely carefree individual. He will often defend other people if he sees unfair treatment towards them.

Lennon is a mediator and a mentor. He will try his best to make people comfortable and is genuinely concerned if something bad comes up.

Lennon dons a Jersey accent and tends to address others as 'Sport'.


He shows a large degree of leadership and is a mediator.

He able to speak a wide range of languages such as Arabic, Turkish, Berber, Kurdish and Persian.


He loves to read books, especially biographies, editorals and journals. He also loves reading middle