Lucy, also referred to as Lizzy is the younger sister of Nik and a side character in Generation III. She is the owner of Flower, Grumpy's partner.

Lucy plays a very minimal role in the mainstream Gen III comics, appearing instead in many Sacred Ring related comics. Her depiction and name varies from comic to comic.

Lucy would later become a central character in Generation IV and V.


Lucy has appeared in a handful of comics, most of which are lost to time. She made several appearances in the Sacred Ring story arc comics, appearing as a young long-haired girl with a bow in her hair. She is mentioned briefly in Lizard School in the character page, but never appears in the comic.


Her actual depiction differs from comic to comic. In the Sacred Ring Story Arc, she often appears as a small young girl wearing a dress with a bow in her hair.


Outside of her brief appearances, not much of her personality is depicted. She is shown as being very sweet and fond of her brother whom she rarely sees and misses dearly. She also has a close bond with her lizard Flower and takes care of Flower and Grumpy's son Joey.


"Lizzy" as she appears in the Gen 3 Sacred Ring comic "The Life of Nik."

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