Luke Wilson also known as Luke Duke[1] or simply known as Luke is the best friend of Jay and Nik. He is a supporting character from the generation III comic 'The Haunted School'.


Luke makes his first appearance in the comic 'The Haunted School' alongside Ralph, and Lachlan.


Luke is notably a humble and reserved character. He often speaks his mind and has a positive attitude and innocent persona. He has no important role in his Generation III debut comic 'The Haunted School' but judging by his frequent appearance in the comic and his attachment to Jay, he became much more important in later generation stories.


Luke is a young boy with medium length blonde hair, short stature and a friendly appearance. He wears a button-up shirt, shorts ankle high socks and school shoes.


Luke has no notable strengths, however the Gen V Luke Wilson is much more intelligent than the Gen III variant.


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