The Spectrum of Magic is a collection of various magical abilities able to be harnessed by living beings through the manipulation of cosmic energy, an unseen force that is emitted from the center of galaxies and is the basis for all life to exist.

The discovery of magic by Surgicus, Panthea and Elysiar led to the formation of the Order, a magocratic civilisation that became one of the most powerful empires to have ever existed. During its existence, magic served as the primary military ability used by the nation's elite warriors, known as the Occult Rangers.


The use of magic was first outlined in the Divine Texts, a collection of scrolls, books and poems written by a mysterious race known simply as the Ascendants. Believed to have existed tens of thousands of years prior to the formation of the Order, the Ascendants used their knowledge of magic to transcend the four dimensions of time and space, effectively becoming a god-like civilisation. However through a series of mysterious circumstances their civilisation disappeared, and all they left behind was a monolithic structure known as the Mantle. The Mantle floated for thousands of years until it was discovered by three Elysian treasure hunters. Upon opening it, they discovered the Divine Texts and within them the ability to harness magic.

Upon returning, they used their magical abilities to seize control of Elysia and formed the Order. The Divine Texts became the center of the Order's political system, and for its entire existence its people strove to achieve godhood by expanding their own magical abilities.

Magic Types


Potentia is a set of basic and powerful elemental magic types. Each Tier is progressively more powerful in terms of damage potential. There are a limited number of Occult Rangers who use these elemental powers as they are very hard to master and require extreme concentration and intense training. Only a select few are bestowed with Potentia Maxima. A legend speaks of The Great One being the only one to have Potentia Maxima.

Tier I

  • Aquato - Water-based magic
  • Luxius - Manipulation of light energy and shadows
  • Bullum - Manipulation of bubbles
  • Ventunis - Manipulation of wind

Tier II

  • Terrasis - Manipulation of earth and rock
  • Pulvusis - Manipulation of sand and granular objects
  • Exeduntum - Acid based magic
  • Magnasis - Manipulation of sound and vibration

Tier III

  • Metallum - Manipulation of metal and metallic objects
  • Vestibulumis - Manipulation of gas
  • Plazmasis - Manipulation of Plasma energy

Tier IV

  • Electrosis - Manipulation of raw electrical energy
  • Igniumis - Fire-based magic
  • Cosmosis - Manipulation of raw cosmic energy
  • Vitaea - Organic/biological based magic
  • Frigorum - Manipulating ice-based magic
  • Impetusis - Explosion magic.

Maxima Tier

  • Potentia Maxima- Natural ability to use all the Potentia magics immediately without study


Materra is a very complex and multi-faceted magic class. It often combines two or more magic types and requires an extraordinary amount of Cosmic energy. It focuses mainly on manipulation of biology and technology.

Tier I

  • Binaric- Direct physical manipulation of computers and robotic systems
  • Crystalism- Creation and manipulation of energy-conducting crystal objects

Tier II

  • Internecto- Ability to fuse organic tissue with synthetic materials to create cybernetic life.

Tier II

  • Hyper-Light Prism- An ability that allows the user to travel (for a short period) at the speed of light. During so they are fully sapient and can consciously change their speed and direction while doing so.
  • Three-Light Trigram- A unique and precise beam of light that causes damage at a micro level.


Situlis Magic mainly focuses on the flows and forces of the universe. It can be extremely deadly if used in the right context. more often than not, the spells used are for either repelling targets, attracting them or suspending them. Some spells drain soul energy, cosmic energy and natural energy.

  • Situlis Gravium- Manipulation and creation of intense gravity fields
  • Situlis Vacua- The ability to absorb magic, depriving an opponent of their cosmic energy (through physical contact depending on ability.)
  • Invar Aurorium- Ability to directly control objects using invisible forces made by the user
  • Invar Totenrath- Ability to spawn energy-absorbing traps that feed the energy straight to the summoner, replenishing their stamina and healing wounds


Occultis magic is associated with the unseen and is usually a hidden power usually located in the user's vision. The eyes are a powerful organ that connects with the body and the brain. It will usually induce psychological effects on a target or see things that an ordinary user may not be able to see. When mastered, it can be used very effectively to influence a target's psyche.

Tier I

  • "The Black Eye" - Ability to project one's self and voice through space. Traps weaklings who gaze directly into it into a mental stupour. The user's eyes are permanently black with red glowing pupils.
  • "Loki's Eye" - Ability to create powerful visual attacks that do no physical damage, but are devestating to one's mental psyche.

Tier II

  • "The Iridium Eye" - A special rare eye that can only be activated in very few people. It will activate on a person only when their body has been changed using internecto magic. Allows the user to see micro details as well as accurately predicting an enemy's movements through computing technology. It also allows its user to download genetic data just from making close eye contact with another organic being. Consists of a red LED-like pupil, while the iris is a spinning fan that glows red when active.
  • "God's Telescope" - an eye that allows its user to see things from a far distance, usually almost as powerful as the hubble telescope. It uses a medium amount of cosmic energy, however it may strain the user's eye and cause crippling headaches. The eye has multiple golden rings with a glowing white pupil.
  • "Eye Of Virgo" - this eye allows the user to absorb all three types of energy from their opponents. These three energies are Natural energy (Produced by the body), Cosmic Energy (Energy used in exchange for magic abilities) and soul energy (energy required to kickstart any living life form.

Tier III

  • "Quantum Sight" - Allows the user to directly view the cosmic plane as a physical dimension, allowing them to make use of ripples and splashes as well as gathering information.
  • "The Eye of Echelon" - Ability to read one's movements and read opponent's minds without the need for physical contact. The pupil is a blue triangle with red background. The sclera is generally a pale blue, but age often turns it a dark purple colour.

Tier IV

  • The All-Seeing Eye. Encompassing the powers of all he eyes, the All-Seeing Eye is the most powerful magical ability known to date and is only possessed naturally by Polaris. According to the Divine Texts, only the Great One is capable of learning this Eye.


Praetorus magic involves the use of using one's own body as a weapon, primarily the hands and feet. There are natural outputs of energy scattered throughout a person's body, which are dependant on their physiology. On the Genui, their natural outputs are the eyes, feet, hands and mouth. However through Praetorus training they could open these outputs further and even create new ones all across their body.

As hands are the primary outputs of magic, this magic class revolves around martial arts and being able to expand these outputs to create even more deadlier abilities. Some Occult Rangers even used swords and close combat weaponry to magnify this magic further.

Tier I

  • Kyronium- By creating small micro bursts of energy from their hands, its user could deliver powerful attacks that caused damage at a cellular level. This is the ability most commonly associated with the martial art of Praetorum, which involves destroying another opponent's body without causing physical visible damage.
  • Apocyra- By channeling large volumes of magic, the user could deliver powerful devestating attacks against their opponents. Most Apocyra users used a magical sword, with which they would channel this energy through magnifying the sword's damage output.

Tier II

  • Starkiatis- This ability revolves around channelling a ball of energy to wrap around one's limbs. Starkiatis users are able to use their hands and feet directly to deliver swift and precise attacks.
  • Corpiosum- Corpiosum users are able to use their entire bodies as magic outputs, being able to deliver deadly blows with any part of their body. Coupling this with other magical classes often proves fatal for their opponent.

Tier III

  • Tachyon Blade- Praetorus' ultimate magical ability, the Tachyon Blade is only able to be harnessed by Praetorus masters. By channelling a highly concentrated burst of magic, they can create a unique blade made purely out of energy that is fatal to most life. When it comes into contact with an organic being, their skin cracks like rock and their blood and bodily fluids evaporate. Those that are struck by the Tachyon Blade often do not live long.


Darkis magic involves around corrupt magical abilities.

  • Marionettum - Puppet magic, allowing the user to create living breathing puppets from dead bodies
  • Lilus Forensia - Manipulation of dark energy
  • Corruptis Zentralus - Ability to penetrate the depths of someone's mind through physical touch. Allows user to view past memories and manipulate their thoughts.
  • Immortalum - Ability to use immortality spells, with each one having a different requirement.
  • Psychosius - Ability to accurately sense micro changes in the quantum dimension, allowing the user to predict enemy movements and attacks.
  • The Pillar of Darkness - Allows the user to summon towers of shadows that create regenerative fields for the summoner and hurts anyone else that comes close.
  • Gollemis - The ability to make animate creatures from stationary/lifeless objects. Requires soul energy.
  • Silenis - Creating an area of effect that creates absolute silence.


The most powerful magic of all, the penultimate of magic abilities. Only the Ascendants are known to have the power.

  • Dimensis - The ability to change the current dimension at will
  • Ianusis - The ability to teleport from any dimension to another at will
  • Celestis - The ability to move galaxies with the palm of one's hand
  • Tempusis - The ability to change the speed of time, go back in time and forward in time
  • Imperiumis - The power to control all living beings.

Physical Mark

Different users of magic

  • The Black Hand - Powerful Situlis mages often have black marks that resemble black holes that appear on their hands when using Situlis magic.
  • Stakata - A triangular mark on an occult ranger's bottom eye lid which tends to signify that they are an accomplished student of Magic.

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