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Niraxian hero

The Niraxians are a race of seven foot, technological aliens. They resemble humans but have pale white skin, two slits for a nose, dog-like legs and their antannae which stick out of their heads. They have been around longer then the Humans and have won the Galactic War.


The Niraxians originally come from a small frozen planet called Nyron. After Centuries of pollution the planet became too unstable and froze over. Then the planet broke into Civil war. The Travellers wanted to leave Nyron for a new homeworld while The Loyal wanted to stay on their planet of origin. The Travellers left Nyron with a single ship known as The Ark of Change. After seven years the Nyrons were going to return when they came across a Quadrant of Planets. The Nyrons landed and colonized the planet now known as Niraxus 7. However the 26 planets in the Quadrant housed relics which turned the Nyrons into Technologically advanced beings. After translating many of the books left behind by the planets previous owners they founded Nation Niraxia. After 12 years of colonization and change, the Niraxians had a fleet consisting of seven hundred vessels. The fleet returned to Nyron, which was worse then ever. They gave the Loyal a chance to join the Niraxians. Many left but many stayed. The Niraxians then wiped out the Loyal and glassed Nyron turning it to a cold dead lifeless planet.

The Fighting War

The Niraxians played a big role in the War. Most of the war resulted in victory and a bit of defeat, but the might of the Niraxians overpowered th Brickster Empire and the Powernation