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Nikriontra Sydona
Vital statistics
Position Crown Prince of the Niraxian Empire.

Heir of the Sydona Dynasty

Age 221 (human years)
Status Alive
Additional Information
Birthplace Filik'kalana, Niraxus 7
Place of death N/A
Spouse Meribel Sydona
Children 2
Military Service
Allegiance Niraxian Empire
Branch Army
Unit 1113rd Invasion Arc
Years active 1856-1936

Nikriontra Sydona (born 2nd August 1732) is the crown prince and heir to the Niraxian Empire . He fought in the Fighting War at a young age and was inducted into the Order of the Knight due to his service and valour during the war.

Along with his best friend Jarod Freeman he was part of the Sentinel 7 and helped to defeat the Apocalyptar. 



Nikriontra during the Bryckster Insurgent Wars.

Nikriontra is portrayed as a tall Niraxian with violet-coloured eyes and spiky red hair streaked in yellow along with the standard Niraxian physical features. He is almost only seen in his iconic Knight armour and wears a cape on formal occasions. 

After the Apocalyptar Invasion of Niraxus 7 he wears an eyepatch on his right eye due to injuries sustained in the fighting. 


In general Nikriontra is a cheerful and friendly person, often joking and discussing with those around him. In times of war he maintains a serious and professional attitude. He does not let anyone in on his emotions.

After the events of Dark Ridge he shows signs of anxiety and paranoia when he is in a civilian atmosphere. This reaches its climax when Jay forces him to confront Meribel, which coincides with the Apocalyptar Invasion of Niraxus 7.

Having served as a leader in the Niraxian Army Nikriontra generally takes command of situations unless he sees signs of leadership in those around him, such as when he gave Jay command during the evacuation of Sirus Nova.


Nikriontra was born a second child to his parents in the royal district on Niraxus 7. Growing up in the shadow of his older brother and crown prince Katriontra, Nikriontra often felt abandoned by his father. Despite this he still maintained a positive attitude and was interested in entering the field of galactic economics. During this time he bonded closely with his younger sister Lucy.

When the Brycksters launched their grand invasion on the Niraxian Empire, Katriontra left to lead the defense leaving a young Nikriontra and Lucy behind. Katriontra's death in 1876 shocked the nation. In a moment of anger his father forced Nikriontra to fight in the war, telling him to  come back a hero or die. 

Nikriontra was assigned to the 1113rd Invasion Arc.