Nikriontra Sydona, known in Niraxian as Kyron Nikriontras Karo-senai Sydona (English: Knight Nikriontra Sydona, Crown Prince of the Empire) as well as the colliqual title Nik is the heir to the Imperial Throne of Niraxus, due to be crowned the Eighth Sydonan Emperor of the Niraxian Empire. Considered by many to be one of the best close combat assault fighters of his time, Nikriontra's skill in the battlefield is unquestionable. He is a member of the Order of the Unknown Knight, serving under the rank of Knight Commander.

Born on August 2nd 1801 CE to Akriontra and Daryci Sydona, he grew up with his elder brother Katriontra and younger sister Luciontra. Nikriontra began his military career in the wake of his brother's death in the Fighting War. His natural born ability to lead as well as his daring maneuvers and strategy during the course of the war earned him praise and prestige, earning him the coveted title of Knight Commander as well as fame and honour.

Nikriontra served in the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance as commanding officer of Sentinel Company until it was suspended and subsequently dissolved by the ENA High Command. Nikriontra then distanced himself from the organisation eventually founding Sentinel 7 with his best friend, Jarod Freeman.


Nikriontra was born on the second of August, 1801CE (291E3) to the seventh Sydonan King Akriontra and his wife, Queen Daryci in the Imperial Citadel on Niraxus 7. Born into the Royal Family as a middle child, he was proclaimed second in line to the Niraxian Throne behind his older brother Katriontra. Growing up, both Nik and his sister lived solitary lives in the shadow of their renowned brother. They attained school together, forming a close bond. Despite Katriontra's attempts to spend more time with his younger siblings, Nik and Lucy very rarely saw him.

When the Brycksters launched their grand invasion against the Niraxians, Katriontra was given command of the defensive charge. However during the Battle of Sortegun, Katriontra and his elite unit were ambushed, surrounded and killed by the Brycksters. The loss of the Crown Prince devastated the nation and demoralised the Niraxian military.

Stricken with grief, Akriontra guilted Nik into joining the Army and pursuing a military career. His intention was that Nik could be whipped into shape enough to bring out his natural born leadership skills, or die in the process. As a result, Nikriontra joined the War effort and was placed into the 1113th Arc, serving in the lower ranks. His first battle was on the surface of Nynar, a Niraxian colony world.

In the first half of the War, Nikriontra experienced hardship in the loss of his friends and the deteriorating situation that frightened most soldiers. Regardless, Nik reached the rank of Dryvor, equivalent to that of a second lieutenant shortly before the Siege of Niraxus 7.

It was only in the decisive battle of Niraxus 7 when Nik seized the initiative and took command of the crippled Niraxian fleet. With the assistance of Fleet Master Ko'Run (then equivalent to a captain,) Nik managed to reorganize the Niraxian armada, utilising the strengths of the Niraxian ships to separate Bryckster concentration and weaken the enemy. As a result, the Bryckster armada was nearly wiped out, forcing them to retreat. Nik returned to the surface where he assisted in crushing the last pockets of enemy units.

The victory at Niraxus 7 is considered by many to be one of his greatest military feats. With faith restored in the military's ability to end the War, Nik was inducted into the Order of the Unknown Knight, the first Sydona to be so since Katriontris the Legendary.

Nikriontra was placed in charge of one of the three liberation fleets established to repel the crippled Bryckster invasion forces. Ko'Run was promoted to Fleet Master and was given command of the fleet under Nik's orders, while Nik assumed command of his ground forces.

Nikriontra's fleet continued to liberate Niraxian planets and star systems one by one. Despite being having a superior number of forces, the Brycksters were unable to regain the initiative due to trickling supply lines and heavy losses in the other theatres of war at the hands of Energis and Orion forces. Following the Liberation of Mykinar III, where Nikriontra successfully and stealthily led a small group of Niraxian soldiers into a massive Bryckster fortress in order to sabotage its weapon and signal jamming systems, he was inducted into the Order of the Unknown Knight, the Niraxian Empire's highest and most prestigious military covenant.  

Nikriontra continued to fight until the end of the war when the Orion Forum signed a peace treaty with the Brycksters leading to the war's end. He eventually returned home to Niraxus 7 to a hero's reception. This and certain other factors led Nikriontra to leave Niraxus 7 on a scientific exploration mission bound for Earth. There he began carrying out plans for enslaving humanity to work in the Empire's controversial mining quadrants. Upon meeting Jay he ditched his plans and eventually helped lead the United Earth Republic to becoming a recognised member of the galactic community.

Nik would later serve with his best friend Jarod Freeman under the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance's Sentinel Company. Notable engagements include the Colonial Fringe Wars. During the fight, Nik was confronted by the Bryckster King and subsequently defeated, causing his fall over a cliff leading him to be listed as dead. Surviving his severe injuries with barely his life, Nik adopted the alias Phantom and became a mercenary through underground black market channels.


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In general Nik is a charismatic and honourable person, keeping promises he makes and trying to help others who seek knowledge that he can provide. Within the Niraxian civilian world he is highly regarded and is considered a hero by his people. This along with his turbulent relationship with his father has led to his dislike of staying long periods of time in his own nation, preferring to reside on Earth with Jay and his human friends. However despite appearing as a strong and brave character, he is infact emotionally scarred due to the premature death of his brother and his induction into the army at an early age. He often feels that his current life of a hero was infact his brother's and that he merely lives in Katriontra's shadow. Returning from the war, Nik felt heavily disconnected from the civilian world which is another reason why he prefers to reside outside of Niraxian civilian worlds. Because of this, he personally tries to protect his sister from his father's abusive wrath.


Nikriontra has a distinctive hairstyle which consists of three naturally standing spikes of red with yellow streaks.


Like most other Niraxians, Nik wears a suit nearly all the time. His armour suit is custom made for Knights of the Order of the Unknown Knight and consists of the Order's distinctive blue, black and grey colours. The most striking part of his armour is his shoulder guards, two large spikes that indicate he is a Knight as shoulder guards are generally used to show rank within Niraxian military customs. He also wears a blue cape carrying on his older brother's tradition of wearing capes in battle. For civilian purposes he removes his cape and the upper spikes of his shoulder guard, leaving the bottom spikes to show his rank as a member of the Niraxian Armed Forces.

When not in his armour, he often wears a white hoody with blue trim and hood and a pair of black pants produced by AlterNation. He also wears combat boots or skateboarding shoes depending on the situation.


Nik is a highly skilled ranged and close-quarter fighter, making him ideal for any situation. He is agile and quick on his feet, making great use of his Niraxian blade. His primary ranged weapon is his customised assault rifle based on the standard issue Subjugator Assault Rifle used by the Niraxian Armed Forces. It has a custom-made motion tracker and infrared camera attached to the scope, which was wired by Nik with help from Techno.