Prince Nikita, better known as Nik is a young alien boy from Niraxus 7, who alongside his best friend Jay serves as a main protaganist of Generation III.

Unlike Jay, Nik is incredibly intelligent, possessing a broad knowledge of computers and technology which he uses to his advantage. Alongside Jay, he goes on many adventures.

From a young age Nik possessed the ancient Astroficouss Gem[1] and used its power to bring an end to the War of the Sacred Rings.


Nik appears alongside Jay in the majority of the Gen III comics, such as the Evil Invasion of the Monster Droids series, The Haunted School, the Invasion of the Garbage Bins and makes a brief appearance in the first issue of the History Collection.

He has appeared as the main protaganist in many forgotten Gen III comics.

Nik was meant to be a central figure in the Final Showdown story arc, who possessed the power of the Sacred Rings in the form of the Astroficouss Gem and was foretold to bring an end to the long-fought War that ravaged the galaxy.


In most comics Nik is portrayed as a tall figure with three red spikes pointing upward. He generally wears shorts and a t-shirt in his human form.


In most of the comics Nik is incredibly smart, being able to logically come to conclusions and discovering things that nobody else can find. He is also able to build spaceships and robotics with ease as well as time machines[2] and has a working knowledge of computers. His competency with technology could stem from his childhood friendship with Techno.

Despite his intelligence Nik is sometimes brash and easily angered. Like Techno he gets agitated when disturbed. Nik is also very inquisitive and curious about his surroundings, breaking down new discoveries into scientific principle in order to understand it better.


Nik has shown to rely on technology in his day to day life, such as using automated skateboards, jetpacks and computers. In combat he often relies on advanced weaponry. In Invasion of the Garbage Bins he uses a Candy Maker to shoot deoderant cans with homing devices attached.


  • In an older forgotten part of Generation III, Nik was infact the former ruler of Niraxus who used their military might to attempt to win the War. In the process Niraxus 8 was destroyed and he was imprisoned for his actions.
  • Although it is well established that he is the heir to the Niraxian Throne, not once is this further explored in canon-Generation III. Nik's parents never appear in Generation III.


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