The Niraxian Crisis of Secession, more commonly known as the Niraxian Rebellion was a period of political and military instability within the Niraxian Empire that arose from stagnation during the reign of Tyranus Sydona.

The Niraxian Republic Front, a union of various anti-monarchist groups was formed in the Outer Colonies to overthrow the imperial government and establish a republic. Initially gaining the upper hand against government forces, the Rebellion managed to seize control of several star systems and briefly formed the self-proclaimed Republic of Niraxia. A renewed offensive initiated by recently crowned emperor Akriontra Sydona led to the Rebellion's swift end.The Republic Front was abolished and its leaders executed.

The Rebellion was a focal point that greatly helped solidify Akriontra Sydona's reign over the country. As a result of the rebellion, the Karosmyr would be greatly expanded while the Niraxian Army would be reformed.

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