Niraxus 7

Niraxus 7 is the homeworld of the Niraxian people and houses the capital city and seat of government of the Niraxian Empire. In modern times it is a major financial, economic and industrial powerhouse with a massive hub for galactic trade. The planet's surface is covered by a planet-wide ecumenopolis known as Niraxus City.

The equator of Niraxus 7 is covered by a large band of ocean that divides the planet's two major continents. Because of an element native to Niraxus 7 known as Nixorik, the atmosphere is a light purple colour which turns pink in the sunset. Niraxus 7 is also home to a variety of native wildlife, plants and trees however the majority of them have gone extinct due to the disruption of ecosystems.

Name and etymology

The modern name for the planet was brought about by the Mehrenic Reforms, which renamed the Niraxian Central Core Worlds into their retrospective positions from the sun. Niraxus 7 however, despite being the fourth planet from Niraxia was renamed Niraxus 7, a holy number in the Niraxian religion.


The surface of Niraxus 7 is divided into two major continents by a large band of water around the equator. The northern continent consists of several rough plateaus and mountain chains, with occasional flats scattered in between. The southern continent consists mainly of flat plains and grassy steppes, while the areas closer to the equator are covered in thick jungle and rain forests. There are several islands scattered around the ocean, which are generally scorched deserts and mesas.

In modern times, nearly 60% of the surface of the planet is covered by an ecumenopolis called Niraxus 7. The city is divided into many sectors, which are subdivided into districts. The most active and popular sector is the Imperial Sector, which houses the seat of government of the Niraxian Empire, as well as the wealthiest residential and commercial areas. Several bridges span across the ocean, connecting the two sections of the city together. The southern sectors are less developed and consist primarily of rural areas and farmland.

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