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Power Surge is a tall human who uses power supplied from his magic staff to power him. Power Surge was one of the last remaining Eldest Priests who survived the War in Fire when the Apocalyptar destroyed the Anarubic Galaxy. Upon reaching the Milky Way he called it his new home.


Power Surge was an Eldest Priest situated on a Relic World, he was wise. He was in charge of one of the Eldest's most used churchs, but when the Apocalpytar finally reached his Relic World he flew off into the depths of space and finally into a dissipating Wormhole which led him to the Milky Way.

By that time humanity were still fighting with wooden galleons in the ocean. Power Surge founded the Energis Coalition, and using what he remembered of Eldest technology created the Power Rays, his master soldiers. And hid them across the Milky Way. The Newly freed Bricksters came to him for help, Power Surge allowed them to use his factories. But when the Brickster Empire finally reached its army limit the Brickster King backstabbed and destroyed Power Surge's proud nation. So Power Surge switched from robotics to Mutation and created the Power Rays.

During the Fighting War Powersurge discovered Earth whilst on a deep space exploration mission, there he got married and had two kids, but when one of his children was kidnapped he blamed the Bricksters and the Niraxians. Power Surge surrendered on August 4th 1995, but the Fighting War raged on between the Niraxians and Bricksters who were oblivious to his surrender.