Ralph Vallas simply known as Ralph is a close friend of Jarod and Nik and a supporting character in several Generation III comics. He is often portrayed as a dorky and shy figure who somehow is capable of winning girls over.


Ralph was a student at Wakaaranga Elementary School. Unlike Jay, Nik, Luke and Lachlan - who were literally kicked out of school - Ralph remained at Wakaaranga Elementary School in 'The Haunted School' comic. It is unknown if he appeared in any other comics, but he became an iconic character in 'The Haunted School' as he broke the 'No birds and bees' rule. He was promptly punished by an unnamed teacher for breaking the said school rule.


According to the book 'The Haunted school', Ralph is a young boy with buck teeth, short hair and school uniform consisting of shorts and a button-up shirt.

It is worth noting that he has a striking resemblance to Luke, However, the aforementioned characteristics such as the buckteeth are what differentiate Ralph from Luke.


Ralph is known to have a cheeky and mischievous persona. He often accompanies Nik and Jay and is oblivious to many dangers and is easily distracted by small silly things. He often shows a lack of intelligence and can be described as a naive person.

Undoubtedly the most mysterious aspect of his persona is his ability to 'woo and charm' girls into sleeping with him. It is not directly shown through any of the comics he's in how he does this and it is often left to the reader's imagination.


Ralph is notable for having ability to get along with individuals of the opposite sex.


  • Ralph, together with Luke Wilson were ultimately forgotten in Generation IV, appearing only in some minor non-canon comics. Ralph would later be revived in Generation V, ditching his dorky childish personality in favour of a casa nova-type figure. His ability to charm girls is retained and is a staple aspect of Gen V Ralph.