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Sentinel 7, unofficially abbreviated to S7 is a group formed to combat the Apocalyptar. It was founded by Jarod Freeman with the help of Nikriontra Sydona and Luciontra Sydona following the dissolution of Sentinel Company and grew to contain 12 members.

Despite operating as an independant group, the Sentinel 7 cooperated with the E.N.A to find and track important Apocalyptar targets and to help repel planetary invasions.


The name Sentinel 7 was coined by Jay following Meribel's induction into the group. The term Sentinel was derived from Sentinel Company, the military company Nik and Jay fought under during their time in the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance. After Luke, Ralph and Grumpy joined the group, the term Sentinel 7 was not changed and instead the original seven members referred to themselves as the Core 7.


Core 7


Group photo taken with Jay's phone.

  • Jarod Commander, rifleman
  • Nikriontra Officer, Co-commander, rifleman.
  • Lucy Technician, assistant.
  • TJ Weapons Expert, Armorer.
  • Jason Tactical Expert, Sharp-shooter, recon.
  • Jeremy Occult Ranger, Officer, warden.
  • Meribel Pilot.

Crew Members

  • Luke Ship Maintenance, Engineer.
  • Ralph Head Chef, caterer.
  • Grumpy Deck Hand.
  • Arasus Occult Ranger.
  • Carmen Occult Ranger, recruiter/trainer.


Although operating as a single unit, the Sentinel 7 is [unofficially] divided up into several groups for organisational and comedic purposes.

Core 7

The Core 7 consists of the first seven members to join the group. Following the admittance of the others, the original seven referred to themselves as the Core 7 because they were the main active part of the group that fought in battles. Because most of its members were involved in the military in some way it was jokingly considered the paramilitary arm of the Sentinel 7.


Following the adoption of the Senator as the Sentinel 7's primary ship, Nikriontra brought Luke Wilson, Jay's childhood friend, to help maintain the Senator's engine and fusion systems.

Shortly after, Jay recruited his other childhood friend Ralph Vallas to provide catering after the crew decided not to use the Nutrient paste dispenser Nik had installed to provide food to the crew due to its bland flavour and disgusting texture.

Ralph and Vallas remain on the Senator at all times and do not fight in battles with the Core 7.

New Crew

The rest of the crew that join the Core 7 planet-side and battle. Upon learning of the group, Grumpy forced them to accept him as a member of the group.

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