Gen V
“Dulce Bellum Inexepertis” — Sentinel Company motto

Sentinel Company was one of twelve major military companies that made up the armed forces of the Earthern-Niraxian Alliance.

It was formed in 2014 CE following the establishment of the E.N.A andwould gain a reputation fighting in wars notably the Colonial Fringe Wars aiding in the downfall of the Bryckster's invasion of the outer human colony worlds. Sentinel Company was suspended and subsequently dissolved by the E.N.A High Command after it joined together with Powersurge against orders.

Sentinel Company's dissolution would later lead to the formation of Sentinel 7 by former members Nikriontra Sydona and Jarod Freeman who named the S7 after Sentinel Company.

Notable Members

Sentinel 1 (Platoon)

Former Members (Killed in Action)

  • Frank 'Sinatra' Stevens (K.I.A)
  • Jansen 'Loki' Kjellbörn (K.I.A)
  • Akralak 'Scribe' Tsu'ren (K.I.A)