Powersurge is a powerful villain and appears in several Generation III comic books, most notable of which is the Final Showdown. He is the arch nemesis of the Brickster King.

Powersurge is described as a powerful mage who has an army made up of biologically engineered creatures known as Powerrays. Towards the end of the War of the Sacred Rings, he managed to capture the planet of Therhold from the Bricksters and with it, one of the Rings.

Powersurge would reappear as the antagonist of the Generation IV version of Crystal of Power and later as a deuteragonist in Generation V.


It is unknown where Powersurge came from or how he came to be, but it is well established that he possesses a large powerful army of Powerrays and Spacewhales, which he uses to assert his dominance against the Bricksters.