Gen V

The Sydona Dynasty (Niraxian: Fimalis Sydona) is the founding and ruling family of the Niraxian Empire.

Formed in 1400 BC by Sydona the Great, the Sydona Dynasty was a low level family that grew in size to become a dominant and influential dynasty at the end of the Dominion War. During the Pretender War, Mehren the Conqueror seized control of the nation with the help of his son Katriontris the Legendary by subduing his rival dynasties. After forming the Empire in 200 BC, the Dynastial purges and the subsequent dismantling of the dynastial hierarchy led by Mehren led to the end of multi-dynastial rule within the Niraxian leadership. By the end of Mehren's rule the Niraxian populace was no longer divided amongst dynasties.

The Sydona Dynasty is currently headed by the Seventh Sydonan King Akriontra Sydona with his son Crown Prince Nikriontra as heir to the Throne.