TJ is a young boy from Niraxus, and is Nik's cousin. Together with Jarod's cousin Jason he goes on many different adventures using a Time Machine Nik built, and is a staple character of Generation III.


TJ's first appearance is alongside Jason in the first issue of the History Collection, in which he and Jason 'steal' a time machine Nik built and use it to travel around various periods of time, taking them to war-torn Europe, Japan and even the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.

TJ also makes an appearance in the Final Showdown, leading the rescue effort to save Nik from Powersurge's base on Therhold.


TJ appears as a youth of medium build with slightly long brown hair, which is covered up by his iconic Pickelhaube hat. In coloured comics TJ typically wears black clothes and is always seen with a devious smirk on his face.


TJ has shown to act quite brash and aggressive, and is slightly more intelligent than his counterpart Jason, most likely stemming from his relationship with Nik.