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The Baltic War was a European conflict fought between the member states of the United Nations against the People's Union of Soviet Republics.

After the 1991 August Coup that successfully took place in Moscow, the Baltic States no longer considered themselves a part of the Soviet Union, a state they recognised as formally dissolved. In an attempt to restore Soviet control over the Baltics, the PUSR deployed military forces in the region. In response the United Nations, led by the United States launched a counter invasion to liberate the area. The war ended on the 2nd of January 1992 with the signing of the Baltic Treaty. The PUSR's defeat in the war led to its collapse.

The conflict exposed the United Nation's frail and corrupt infrastructure leading to a mass scandal and wave of investigations that saw many UN leaders arrested over charges involving in illicit practices. In 1993, the United Nations reorganised itself into a centralised federation that would later become the United Earth Republic leading to a new era of human political stability.