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The Brickster Empire is a race of robots who inhabit the Eastern Fringe of the Orion Arm. The Bricksters are always agressive in their plans to take over the galaxy. Commanded by the Brickster King, Founder and Ruler of the Empire.


A long time on the Planet Naigara lived a race of fish-like monsters, this fishmen were called the Naiga. Their planet had several small islands, but these islands were built over and soon there was no space to build. So the Naiga developed floating cities. But these cities were hard to maintain so they build robots to maintain it for them.

For twenty years the robots served the Naiga. However one of the robots known as Robo3 learned sentience. Robo3 was running an experimental operating system, which allowed him to think differently from all the other robots. So he created a secret insurgency group and using stolen explosives blew up the floating cities. This plunged the peaceful paradise planet into all out war. To the Naiga's advantage, the bots couldn't survive at a depth of 4 metres underwater, so the Naiga simply swam and pulled down the brickster bots from their reengineered helicopters. But every single strategy the Naiga used on the robots worked once because the robots learned from them. The bots eventually managed to destroy the mighty fortresses of the Naiga, and so what was left of the tattered race jumped into the water and were never seen again. The bots then built a small spaceship and left the planet, sucking the planet's metal quarrys empty.

A deadly Friendship

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