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The Second Galactic War, colloquially referred to as the Fighting War was a widespread armed conflict fought primarily in the Galactic East and Central Galactic Worlds between the members of the Central Galactic Coalition, the Genui-led Energis Coalition, the Xeno-Sec political bloc, the Alliance for Xeno-Zentralan Unity and the Bryckster Faction.

The passage of the Pact of Galactic Unity brought an end to the Xeno-Zentralan Schism crisis that threatened to push the galaxy into war. Peace was briefly restored until the onset of the violent Bryckos Revolution on the Genui world of Renasol significantly raised tensions across the unstable Galactic East. The Renasol Instigation began the war when an Energis peacekeeping fleet was destroyed by the defiant Bryckster Faction led by Syntheticus.

The war quickly spread throughout the galaxy leading to mass destruction as capital fleets were pitted against each other and entire planets destroyed. As the war progressed, the invasion of the Niraxian Empire by the Brycksters saw the tide of battle change. Renewed offenses by the Niraxian-led Central Coalition and the Energis Coalition led to crippling Bryckster defeats. The Brycksters eventually withdrew from the war, retreating into the unexplored territory of Incognito. Unwilling to continue the fighting, the Niraxians and Energis signed the Treaty of Torrom, partitioning the demilitarised Borderworlds and the Inner Xeno-Sphere in exchange for an end of hostilities.

The Fighting War is one of the most deadliest galactic conflicts to have occured thusfar, falling short only behind the First Galactic War. The creation of the demilitarised borderworlds later allowed the United Earth Republic to come to power.




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By 1789 CE, the Bryckster Faction had grown incredibly powerful, and many elements within the Orion Forum feared that war was imminent. The Bryckster's industrial strength rivaled that of the Energis Coalition which feared its own trade being affected by the Brycksters. Their hatred towards the Brycksters met a high point when in 1793, an Energis warship on route to a peace-keeping initiative was attacked and destroyed by Bryckster forces. The Coalition immediately threatened war and tensions began to increase tenfold. Fearing a war, the Orion Forum demanded that the situation be dealt with peacefully. Shortly after the Energis Coalition demanded war, the Brycksters launched a surprise invasion on both Energis and Orion worlds, overpowering local militias and military forces with its near-infinite supply of soldiers. In retaliation the Energis Coalition declared war and retaliated starting the Fighting War.

Early War

The first years of the War saw great Bryckster victories against its enemies. The Galactic Front was dominated by the Bryckster invasion forces and the battle against the Energis Coalition had slowed down considerably due to fierce Energis resistance. Despite this, the Brycksters had a near-infinite supply of soldiers whereas its enemies were limited to their supply lines. The overwhelmingly powerful nature of the Bryckster attacks demoralised many of the defense forces. Fearing a decisive defeat, the Orion Forum asked that the Niraxian Empire intervene and help to repel the Bryckster invasions. Their request was denied due to a seemingly anti-war opinion among its people. Despite the Niraxian's aversion to the War, the Brycksters launched the second part of their assault; to invade the Niraxian Empire and bring it to its knees.

Niraxian Front

The Bryckster Faction launched their grand assault on the Niraxian outer colonies with the largest military force ever seen, crushing the local defense forces and gaining a large swath of Niraxian space. In response, the Niraxian King ordered the Niraxian Military to mobilise and repel the assault. This charge was spearheaded by the Crown Prince Katriontra who despite seeing some early victories was killed in an ambush on the Niraxian colony world of Sortego II. His death left a huge toll on the Niraxian soldiers as well as the populace. Hoping to restore order and to make use of his son, Akriontra Sydona ordered his second-born son Nikriontra Sydona to join the military and reach the ranks of his slain brother. The Niraxians put up a fierce fight but were unable to wrestle the initiative away from the Brycksters.

Following a string of victories, the Brycksters launched their final assault on the Niraxian home star system, laying siege to Niraxus 7 and its moon. During the fight, then Lieutenant Nikriontra took control of the home fleet and ordered them into a spread out formation. Suprised by the move, the assaulting Bryckster forces reorganised their fleet into a similar formation. By command, the Niraxian fleet fired simultaneously. The main bulk of the Bryckster Fleet was destroyed and the remainder routed to the outer home worlds with the Niraxian fleet in hot pursuit. The Siege of Niraxus 7 would be the last time the Brycksters held the initiative as the fierceness of the Niraxian forces did not allow the Brycksters to mount an organised assault. Bryckster supply lines were also stretched thin and local resistance slowed down the movement of Bryckster soldiers to the front line. By 1858CE the Brycksters were pushed out to the outer colony worlds. The Niraxian liberation fleet, commanded by Prince Nikriontra Sydona successfully defeated the last Bryckster forces in early 1867CE officially ending the Niraxian Front.

Energis Front

The Energis Front was fought primarily around the Energis planets of Yiodhar, Dehiev, Eaggoran and several other Energis colony worlds situated on the very edge of Energis space. The Niraxians also participated in the Energis Front in the first half of the war with the Fall of Eaggoran being their greatest victory against the Energis, however they pulled out of Energis territory after the Bryckster defeat at Niraxus 7.

Due to the fierce Energis resistance, Bryckster forces were unable to capture the worlds of Yiodhar and Dehiev, which were major industrial powers within the Energis Coalition. The war continued to shift in both side's favour until 1867CE when the Brycksters withdrew their forces following the loss of the Niraxian Front.

The Second Galactic Alliance

In 1867 the Niraxian Empire on behalf of the Orion Forum approached the Energis Coalition regarding a momentary truce and helping each other to defeat the Bryckster Faction and liberate the Galactic Front, which continued to be dominated by the Bryckster Faction. The Energis Coalition agreed and the two nations halted hostilities between each other.

Galactic Front

Up until the later half of the war the Brycksters dominated the Galactic Front which centered around the bustling central provinces of the galactic community. The smaller nations were outnumbered and outgunned by the superior Bryckster forces. Many planets became enslaved under Bryckster rule and many civilised species were turned into workers to mine supplies for the Brycksters. The invasion slowed down due to overextended supply lines which made it difficult for the Brycksters to send fresh soldiers to the front lines.

Following the formation of the Second Galactic Alliance in 1867, the Energis Coalition launched a new offensive in the rear of the Bryckster forces while the Niraxian Empire backed by the remaining Orion Forum military forces launched fresh assaults on contested planets on the main front. The Energis' surprise attack coupled with the heavy pressure enacted by the Niraxians led to heavy Bryckster casulties. The destruction of Bryckster supply lines cost the Brycksters the initiative. With Energis ships stopping fresh Bryckster soldiers from reaching the Front, the Alliance saw rapid strings of victories in the central front.

Aralia, a central hub and homeworld of the Aralian Dominion was liberated in 1893 by the Niraxian Army. The liberation resulted in the destruction of nearly the entire Bryckster fleet. Unable to ferry their remaining soldiers off the planet, nearly half of the Bryckster land forces were abandoned and subsequently destroyed. Unable to meet the demand of soldiers and with the supply lines being patrolled by Energis ships the Bryckster wartime effort collapsed. For the first time the Brycksters opened dialogue regarding a ceasefire, however the Alliance forces demanded for unconditional surrender. In 1912 the Bryckster Faction offered to withdraw its remaining forces and end all hostilities. Any attempts to bargain with war reparations were ignored. The Niraxian Empire demanded 900 billion galactic credits and the disarmament of the Bryckster military, however the Orion Forum stipulated to the agreement. The truce was signed on war-torn Aralia by an Energis, Niraxian, Aralian and Orion delegation. The Bryckster King was the only member of the Bryckster delegation who arrived. After signing the treaty the King quickly left. Bryckster forces withdrew from the galactic front in the later half of 1912. This would be the last Bryckster military force seen until the Colonial Fringe Wars some 105 years later.


The War has greatly shaped the cultures of many countries involved in the fighting, especially within the nations in the Central Galactic Worlds and the Niraxian Empire.