The Invasion of the Monster Droids Part II simply known as Droids II is the second part of the Gen III comic, Evil Invasion of the Monster Droids. Written by Jarod Francis and illustrated by Nikita It stars Jay, Nik and grumpy facing off against the Droid Army and the mothership 'No Hope'. It does not include the copyrighted 'Flip'o'rama'. Unlike the previous part, this iteration only has 4 chapters.

Plot Summary

Nik and Jay's story picks up from where they last left off in the first Droids comic; Nik and Jay were seperated. This time Jay finds that Nik was captured by the droids and was put in a holding cell in the Detention area of the cargo ship 'No Hope'. Jay tracks down the distress signal and finds Nik locked up. Jay kills the guardian droids and released Nik. They rush to the bridge of the ship, where they initiate the self destruct sequence. This however alerts the entire ship to their location. The boys figure that the only way to get out of their situation is to summon forth B.U.N.N.Y, a cybernetic robot in the form of a giant bunny. B.U.N.N.Y annihilates the droids by stomping on them indiscriminately. The self destruct sequence ultimately fails, so instead Nik plants a Nuclear warhead with a detonation charge. The ship's guardians detect the bomb and the ship goes into emergency lockdown. The boys are unfortunately surrounded by the guardians, so they run to the hangar part of the ship. With seconds left to spare, they make it out the ship just as it explodes.

One month later, the destroyed ship No Hope is seen floating in space, when a robotic claw suddenly extends from one of the docking bays, hinting towards a possible sequel which never came into fruition.


This was a faithful followup to the first droids was completed at Nik and Jay's school in their lunchtimes. Like most Gen III comics, it was done at the library.


  • The claw that is seen extending from No Hope at the end of the comic was meant to belong to the King of the Droids, who was destroyed in Part I by Nik and Jay and was resurrected. A planned comic "Return of the Droids" entered pre production but was never finished.