The Vanguard Series is a three part novel series. Originating from a roleplay on Garry's Mod, Vanguard is the largest non-DOTP story arc in Generation V.


The Vanguard series is comprised of three novels:

  1. Cloak And Dagger Date
  2. Silent Dreams
  3. Vanguard

Both Cloak And Dagger Date and Silent Dreams have already been published. Vanguard is expected to be finished in 2017.



Vanguard originated from a roleplay performed on the Garry's Mod videogame by N Shcheglov and J Francis. It was then decided that they would turn the events of the roleplay into a novel. Work on the Vanguard novel began in late April of 2016 led by J Francis.

In August, the Cloak And Dagger Date short story was added to the story arc, serving as its first novel. Shortly after, Silent Dreams was announced and was based off an earlier roleplay.

Cloak And Dagger Date was recompiled, readapted and formally released on 19 September. Silent Dreams was finished a few weeks later on 4 October. As of January 2017, Vanguard has yet to be completed.


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